"Thanks very much for a brilliant disco my daughter and her friends really enjoyed themselves at the party" Mr M Johnson - "I'm just emailing to let you know that your disco we hired for saturday night was fantastic. We have all been saying how good he was at picking just the right music to make sure the party went with a bang!! Lots of people came to ask me your details so I have passed your name on. Thank you again and we would highly recommend you to anyone" Melanie Brown

Children’s Discos Package 3

Children’s discos for children aged 10 to 12 years

Children's Discos

We provide a 2 hour disco package for children aged 10 to 12 which includes the full disco experience playing the latest pop music and a mixture of classic party music, disco lighting and the infamous smoke machine (venue permitting). On top of this we launch a mixture of fun games and exciting activities which we know from experience suit the 10-12 age group.

The Children’s Disco Package Ages 10-12 focuses on playing more music then the other Children’s Packages as we know this age group enjoy their music; however we also know that they still enjoy party games and therefore our Children’s Disco Package Ages 10-12 reflects this mix.

We understand that not all 10-12 want games at their disco – so upon request we will happily provide the same 2 hours disco as above minus the games and activities.

If you require the same format but would like extra time over the 2 hours the Teenagers Disco Package Ages 11-13 is basically the same format but up to 3 hours instead or 2.

For the Children’s Disco Package Ages 10-12 we recommend a maximum of no more than 40 children per party booking. The recommendation is based around upon games and activities we play – more than 40 children unfortunately makes the majority of games rather impractical – however we will happily supply a disco of just music and dancing competitions (excluding the games and activities) if you wish to invite more than 40 children.

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