"Thanks very much for a brilliant disco my daughter and her friends really enjoyed themselves at the party" Mr M Johnson - "I'm just emailing to let you know that your disco we hired for saturday night was fantastic. We have all been saying how good he was at picking just the right music to make sure the party went with a bang!! Lots of people came to ask me your details so I have passed your name on. Thank you again and we would highly recommend you to anyone" Melanie Brown

Children’s Disco Package 1 – Party Format

Party Details

Typical Children’s Party Format for Children aged between 4-6 – based on a disco running from 11.00am and finishing at 1.00pm (sample start and finish times may not be specific to your enquiry)

11.00am – 11.10am – Welcome intro –party music and disco lights to dance to whilst the Children arrive

11.10am – 11.20am – Game No.1 – Musical Bumps – a simple and traditional and familiar children’s favourite

11.20am – 11.25am – Disco music

11.25am – 11.35am – Game No. 2 – Pass the Parcel – a great game for young children and parents to enjoy alike (parcel supplied by party host or for a small extra charge we can provide a parcel for this game)

11.35am – 11.45am – Disco music

11.45am – 12.00pm – Game No.3 – Shark Attack – Played in pairs to music, children must avoid getting eaten by the shark with a surprise twist (alternative game played with 4 year olds)

12.00pm – 12.10pm – Break for food (supplied by party host)

12.15pm – 12.25pm – Game No. 4 – Sleeping Lions – the last child to remain motionless wins

12.25pm – 12.30pm – Disco music

12.35pm – 12.45pm – Game No. 5 – Limbo Competition – a chance to learn how to play our amazing limbo competition – prizes for the best effort.

12.45pm – 12.50pm – Disco music

12.50pm – 1.00pm – Game No. 6 Dancing Competition – two party songs allowing the children one last opportunity to boogie to the music.

1.00pm – Party Ends

The above party format is given as a guideline and actual Children’s Parties may vary slightly in format.

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